Flamingo (Everglades National Park), Biscayne Bay and the Upper Florida Keys fishing guide testimonials

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERABooking Capt. Steven Tejera to fish Florida Bay and the Flamingo Backcountry has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since day one I was very impressed with his level of professionalism. Everything is top notch and always 100% including the customer service, the gear, and the boat. Capt. Steven Tejera is second to none and in my opinion one of the best captains ever. From having an abundance of knowledge in the area to being a friendly and client oriented Captain he sure knows what he is doing. I personally have become a much better fisherman because of the time I have spent on the water with him and the time he has taken to teach me. Every time I go out fishing with Steven we end up having an amazing day with so many fish we lose count. From trolling plugs for grouper in the backcountry to sight fishing for reds, trout, and snook in the beautiful flats of Florida bay this place has so much to offer so you need to go with someone who knows what they are doing and Capt. Tejera is that person. You won’t be disappointed book a trip today!

Jorge C. Carbajal – Miami, Fl


alex trujilloMy fishing adventures with Capt. Steven Tejera began in 2010. Capt. Tejera came highly recommended to me by a friend as one of the most knowledgeable, friendly and hard working captains in Florida. On our first trip he guided me and a close friend into the shallow waters of snake bite in the Florida Everglades. That day we loaded up on Redfish and Trout and had a wonderful time getting to know Steven. On our second trip Capt. Tejera took on the challenge of taking me, my 6 y/o son Noah and his 6 y/o buddy Philipe fishing for Noah’s 6th birthday. My son describes it as the best day of his life. Steven not only had them on fish the whole day but also taught them about the wildlife in the Everglades and how to preserve it. Our third trip with Steven was a 2 boat adventure with Capt. Benny Blanco. My best friend David and I decided to take my 2 older boys, 17 and 14, and his 15 y/o for a day in Flamingo. I was able to spend the morning fishing with my buddy and then switched boats and finished the day off with my sons. The boys had a wonderful time fishing the coast and the backcountry and again, on fish all day long. My last trip was another shallow water adventure with my brother in law Jorge. Steven’s hard work paid off after polling us into water so shallow that I was afraid we would end up high and dry. That was not the case. Each spot was as productive as can be as we loaded up on huge reds and beautiful trout… My best day fishing ever!

What I can say is that Capt. Steven Tejera is as knowledgeable, hard working and professional as they come. From flats to backcountry and from young to old, Steven is an amazing guide. I’ve been fishing my whole life and have been on many charters, none better than Capt. Steven Tejera’s Knot Tight Charters. Thank you for the good times and I look forward to booking another trip very soon.

God Bless – Alex Trujillo


boone oughtersonCapt Steven is the baddest guide in the Park and Biscayne Bay.  I have been fishing with Steven for a couple of years now, and he always puts us on the fish.  Never in a hurry, never any pressure and always an awesome time.

Boone Oughterson – Florida Sport Fishing Magazine





GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERARaised in Miami, I’ve been fishing the South Florida waters for 55 plus years. I imagine I have fished with 100 plus guides over that time. I have now fished with Steve in Flamingo 4 times in the past 2 months and I promise you a more knowledgeable, likable guide you will not find anywhere. The entire experience, from the first time you speak with him till you say goodbye and simultaneously book your next Flamingo fishing trip will be the most enjoyable, professional experience you will have on the water. I have shared these magical Flamingo days with three other experienced anglers and we all agree that for a Flamingo skinny water experience of a lifetime you need to fish with this man.”

Harris Mones


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWhile planning my vacation in December, 2011, I decided to do a little fishing.  I’ve been out a number of times in the Atlantic Ocean but I’ve never fished down in Flamingo (Everglades National Park).  I decided to give this a try because the last several times I went out in the Atlantic I got beat up pretty bad with the waves. I guess I’m getting old but my body can’t seem to take it anymore, anyway, I contacted Captain Steven Tejera and set it up.

I met him fairly early in the morning and we were off. The difference in the fishing was amazing. No more big swells constantly beating me up and forget about sea sickness (if you are prone to it like I am). Usually when I go out I’m ready to call it a day about halfway through the trip because I’m wore completely out, that wasn’t the case on this trip. The fish were hitting almost everything, and if they stopped hitting, we were off to another location. Steven really knows where the fish are and we were on one hot spot after another hot spot.

Steven has got to be one of the hardest working guides in the business. Since we did a lot of sight fishing, he was up on the platform constantly working the push pole stalking the fish. All in all, I had a great experience and would highly recommend Knot Tight Charters to anyone that wants an action packed day full of fish without the beating that the Atlantic would provide.

Roger Miller


steve doughertyAs a traveling angler, writer, and photographer, I’ve had the privilege to see some of the best our sport has to offer. Yet my most memorable experiences come from time spent deep in the backcountry with Capt. Steven Tejera. He’s taken me places I never knew existed and put me on some of the best inshore fishing I’ve ever experienced. Whether you prefer fly, artificial or live bait he has the skill, tackle and local insight to put you on the fish. With unrivaled knowledge and respect for the shallows it is no surprise Capt. Steven is a rising star among South Florida’s shallow water community.

Steve Dougherty – Florida Sport Fishing Magazine


peter agardyHaving grown up in South Florida as an avid angler and outdoorsman, you start to think you know it all. Fishing with Capt. Steven is a humbling experience. As a Game Fish artist, I absorb all of my surroundings while on the water. I’ve had the pleasure of fishing with Steven on several occasions, always taking me further and beyond where most guides and anglers are willing to go to catch quality fish, while at the same time fueling the inspiration for my paintings. With his patience, persistence and plethora of local knowledge I couldn’t think of a better guide to spend the day with on any shallow water excursion

Peter Agardy – Marine Artist www.peteragardyfineart.com


daveAs a young kid my father had always exposed me to offshore fishing. As I grew up, I continued to fish offshore and became an avid hunter.  This past weekend, I was invited to fish the flats of the Everglades National Park with Captain Steven Tejera. As I boarded Capt. Tejera’s vessel and began to travel to our first honey hole, I had a predisposed opinion that flats fishing was going to be boring. I always pictured myself on a vessel in the open ocean and taking a beating from waves ranging from 2 to 6 feet, all while catching fish that took plenty of time to reel in and later bragging about the fish’s size. Approximately 35 minutes later, we arrived and the engine was turned off.  Capt. Tejera gave some instructions on what to expect and what to do when the time came. It was at this time I realized that I was in for an ADVENTURE. Capt. Tejera grabbed his push pole and slowly began poling to an area which only had about 10 inches of water. Here I began to see ripples of water coming right at our boat as Capt. Tejera told me to “get ready”.  My first cast landed right in front of the ripples of water and it seemed like the flats had just exploded!!! I felt my rod bend and the line begin to scream, as I had just hooked my first ever redfish. From this point on, I realized what I have been missing my entire life and all I could think about was getting my son on this boat with Capt. Tejera.  We continued on our full day fishing expedition which resulted in hooking up 11 redfish.  Upon returning to shore, I called all my “fishermen” friends and family (especially my dad) and told them that flat’s fishing was the most exciting thing I had ever done. Not only did I get to “hunt” while I fished, but I was put on countless amounts of fish by Capt. Tejera.  All I want to say to Capt. Tejera is “THANK YOU”, thank you for exposing me to this style of fishing, thank you for having patience with me and thank you for an amazing time!!!!!!!!